About Us

johnJohn Lisenba:

As owner of CIS, John has been a licensed insurance agent since 1996. In his spare time, John is a rock star wannabe, and plays bass guitar with various musicians in the metro area and in local churches. He also loves torturing his knees playing basketball and golf. John can recite practically every episode of the Andy Griffith Show, knows more movie and sports trivia than any human should, and likes to cook. He has a little-known desire to become the first man to break dance on the moon. Weakness: Cajun and Italian food.



Vernon McLean has been an insurance professional for over 50 years. He has extensive experience in both underwriting and in claims, and has been a licensed agent since 1979. In his spare time, Vernon is team cheerleader for his son’s bowling team in a special needs league, and is also an expert gardener. Vernon’s secret dream is to one day make it as a backup singer for the Rolling Stones. Weakness: chocolate.